•    Oklahoma State University and the School of Journalism and Broadcasting have a special relationship with sports media throughout the country.  As a major sports venue, the OSU campus is visited regularly by national and regional sports media, print and broadcasting to cover major sporting events.  When they come, they call us for student workers. 

•    When ESPN decided in 2005 to debut its new university channel, organizers chose Stillwater to do the telecast because the campus represents classic collegiate sports.  It was also important to ESPN producers that they were able to rely on a supply of ready and trained students to support the broadcast, so they called faculty at the School of Journalism and Broadcasting.

•    When you pursue an undergraduate degree in sports media from OSU you will receive classic hands-on training in all aspects of the industry.  You will take courses in sports writing, play-by-play announcing and field production, as well as hosting regional broadcasts.

•    Oklahoma State University school of Journalism & Broadcasting has maintained it's accreditation since 1948.

•    Oklahoma State University’s Sports Media faculty has over 60 years combined experience working in the sports media field.

•    Both the Columbia Scholastic Press Associations and the Associated Collegiate Press recognize Oklahoma State University’s The Daily O’Collegian as one of the top collegiate newspapers in the country.

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