206 Paul Miller Building
Oklahoma State University
Stillwater, Oklahoma 74078
April 17, 2008                                               Contact:
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                              Nicole McAllister, Public Affairs Director
       STILLWATER, OKLA – Oklahoma State University’s Sports Media program gives students the opportunity to pursue their dream job in sports media. 
      The program was implemented in the Paul Miller School of Journalism & Broadcasting because of the faculty’s strong professional background in sports media. The new major will offer a more in depth study of the media’s involvement with sports while allowing students to gain hands on experience to prepare them for situations they will face while on the job. 
       "There’s so much interest in sports media and the job market is so competitive. The fact that we have a program geared toward sports shows employers that we are giving our students a more inside looks at professions in the sports media,” said associate professor of journalism Mike Sowell. 
In this program, one of few offered in the United States, students will have the option of concentrating on sports broadcasting, sports journalism, or sports public relations and promotion.
        When pursing an undergraduate degree in sports media from OSU students will receive classic hands-on training in all aspects of the industry. Taking courses in sports writing, play-by-play announcing and field production, as well as hosting regional broadcasts, students will lay the groundwork for the career of your dreams, and it all starts in Stillwater.
        The faculty teaching sports at OSU have professional backgrounds in the field and can speak with authority.  They have the ability to offer their students a strong program in sports journalism, and are eager to get student’s careers off to a good start with a solid foundation in the practical and theoretical aspects of what makes sport such a unique fixture in our culture.